Goalball: A Sport for the Blind

Goalball, July 15, 2011. Germany vs Japan. Players are either blind or partially blind, and all wear blindfolds to ensure they’re only playing with their sense of hearing and sense of touch. 3 players to a side guarding a 9m (29.5ft) wide goal from a 1.25kg (2.75lb) bell-filled ball that can be hurled at over 80kph (50mph).


A kid who is blind DOMINATES sports

Matt Steven (The Man, The Myth, The Legend) is a young athletic kid who happens to be blind. Watch him excel in 9 different sporting events.

To Matt, this is all second nature, to everyone else, this is truly amazing! Enjoy.

Blind Snowboarding

Since the age of 14, Adil has slowly been losing his eyesight. He sent Five News this amazing Your News video. Now he’s 25 and nearly completely blind. In April 2007 he performed a helidrop which involved him snowboarding down the Trient Glacier in Switzerland. Five News put his video on air!

Sue Austin: Deep sea diving … in a wheelchair

When Sue Austin got a power chair 16 years ago, she felt a tremendous sense of freedom — yet others looked at her as though she had lost something. In her art, she aims to convey the spirit of wonder she feels wheeling through the world. Includes thrilling footage of an underwater wheelchair that lets her explore ocean beds, drifting through schools of fish, floating free in 360 degrees. (Filmed at TEDxWomen.)

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Ball with Rattles by DoMore


  • 3-inch diameter
  • Made of hard white plastic
  • Loud ball-bearing rattles for audible tracking
  • No batteries required
  • Great for the Blind

This ball was designed for cricket, but is also great for baseball or just for playing catch. It consists of a hard plastic outer surface with ball-bearing rattles inside for audible tracking. It allows you to hear where the ball is going – perfect for the Blind. No batteries required. 3-inch diameter. White.

Beep Baseball – Baseball for the Blind & Visually Impaired

The Long Island Bombers are a dedicated group of baseball enthusiasts from the Long Island and tri-state area. They just happen to be blind and visually impaired. They hold rigorous practices, instructional clinics and play exhibition and competitive games against sighted and other visually impaired teams using a baseball that beeps.

Blind Surfer Surfs Pipeline | Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story

Derek Rabelo’s father prayed that his son would be a professional surfer. But Derek was born blind in 1992, and his father’s dream seemed impossible. Seventeen years later, however, Derek decided that not only did he want to surf — he wanted to surf the legendary waves on the North Shore of Oahu. Derek’s courage both in and out of the water shows that the best journeys in life are guided by faith, and not by sight.

Producer/Director: Bryan Jennings