LookStation HD Desktop Video Magnifier


  • HD Camera: Magnifies 2.5x to 79x
  • 24-in. high resolution widescreen color monitor
  • 8 high-contrast color modes
  • Line marker & masking for easier reading
  • Freeze Frame: Hold image for closer viewing

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Read, view family photos and enjoy favorite hobbies again!
The LookStation HD Desktop Video Magnifier offers adjustable magnification from 2.5x to 79x, a 24-inch widescreen color monitor, and 8 different high-contrast color combinations to suit individual user needs, along with a variety of other convenient features to help bring your world back into focus!

Talking Watch Radio Controlled by Reizen


  • Announces time, day and date
  • Hourly chime plus beep alarm
  • Easy to see 1.125-in. face sized for women and children
  • Sets itself and accounts for Daylight Savings
  • Brushed metal alloy finish with leather band

Enjoy the convenience of a watch that announces the time and even sets itself, as well as a sleek, stylish design with an easy to see face that’s appropriately sized for women and children.

CaptionCall – Large Display LCD Captioning Phone


  • Shows captions of caller’s speech on a 7-in. LCD
  • Free in-home set up & no monthly service charges
  • Handset volume to 40dB/Ringer to 95dB
  • Compatible with many T-coil equipped hearing aids
  • Requires phone/internet connections & power supply

Do you or someone you know have trouble hearing on the telephone?
Hearing loss shouldn’t mean losing touch! CaptionCall is a 40dB amplified telephone for people with hearing loss that also displays captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read 7-inch LCD touchscreen.

Ball with Rattles by DoMore


  • 3-inch diameter
  • Made of hard white plastic
  • Loud ball-bearing rattles for audible tracking
  • No batteries required
  • Great for the Blind

This ball was designed for cricket, but is also great for baseball or just for playing catch. It consists of a hard plastic outer surface with ball-bearing rattles inside for audible tracking. It allows you to hear where the ball is going – perfect for the Blind. No batteries required. 3-inch diameter. White.

Geemarc t-Loop Amplified Neckloop – 30dB for the Hearing Impaired

The Geemarc t-Loop Amplified Neckloop features an adjustable volume control for up to a 30dB gain and uses an induction loop system to reduce or eliminate background noise, allowing hearing aid wearers to enjoy louder, clearer telephone conversations.

The neckloop takes the sound coming from the telephone/audio device and converts it to an acoustic field compatible with hearing aids set to the T position, cutting out the interference and feedback often experienced by hearing aid users. It is designed to be used with corded, cordless and cell phones together with a hearing aid equipped with a t-coil. It can also be used as an amplified audio neckloop for a variety of audio devices including cd-rom and tape players, iPods and other MP3 players using the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter provided.

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Talking Monthly Medication Organizer Alarm-Low Profile

Talking Monthly Medication Organizer Alarm-Low Profile

•Organizes pills for a full 31 days supply of medication
•Talking Alarm Clock Calendar reminds users to take medicine up to 4 times daily
•Date and dosage time verified through LCD display and audible alert
•’Loud’ and ‘Extra Loud’ settings ensure alarm is heard
•Clear, Large-Type display makes viewing day, date, time easy
Doctors and pharmacists agree that taking medications on a set schedule is important for maintaining your health. With the Monthly Medication System with Talking Alarm Clock, taking your medication on schedule, every day becomes part of your daily routine.

Set up to 4 daily alarms to alert you when your medication is due. A friendly audible reminder announces the time, the date and which dose to take. (Example: Good Night Please take your night pills for the 20th. ) Press the ‘Alarm Acknowledged’ button to confirm that you took the medicine and the alarm will announce when the next dose is due.

The 31 pill containers, numbered for the days of the month, are colored red on one end and green on the other so that after a day has passed, the container can be turned over so you easily locate the next day’s container. Each container has 4 easy-to-open compartments marked: ‘Morning-Breakfast’, ‘Noon-Lunch’, ‘Evening-Supper’ and ‘Night-Bedtime’.

In this Low Profile model, the rows are all at the same level so that the unit sits lower on countertops and takes up less space.

The MedCenter System set includes: 1 Pill Stand, 1 Talking Alarm Clock and 31 Pill Containers (each with 4 compartments). Clock uses 2 AA Batteries (included).

Buy now: http://www.maxiaids.com/products/12375/Talking-Monthly-Medication-Organizer-Alarm-Low-Profile.html


• Assistive device for extra arm support
• Great for those with limited mobility/arm strength
• Easy to use – attach to arm with included straps
• Universal – One size fits most

Enjoy greater arm support, leverage and strength while raking, painting and performing countless other daily activities!

Lend-A-Hand is a universal assistive device designed to help individuals with limited mobility or injuries, or anyone work and play more actively, independently and efficiently. It helps provide support while: fishing, golfing, raking, painting, shoveling, sweeping, hunting, washing vehicles, doing the dishes and for a variety of tasks. It can even be attached to the leg for certain activities (ex. holding a fishing pole steady against your leg while fishing from a seated position.)

It’s easy to use. Simply strap Lend-A-Hand to your arm, and place the handle of the tool or device you’re using into the sturdy built-in loop. Once you have it on, Lend-A-Hand increases mobility while decreasing strain on your shoulders, arms, back and legs.

Great for anyone with limited mobility, limb injury or weakness due to: strokes, cerebral palsy, amputation, physical challenges, disabilities, arthritis or carpel tunnel. Lend-A-Hand assistive device has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from professional occupational therapists.

Buy now: http://www.maxiaids.com/products/12195/Lend-A-Hand-Universal-Assistive-Device.html

– According to the American Heart Association, stroke is the leading cause of severe, long term disability.
– In the U.S. there are about 800,000 new stroke victims and 200,000 recurrent stroke victims annually.
– About 500,000 Americans are currently living with cerebral palsy.
– Consumer Health Interactive estimates approximately 186,000 people in the U.S. undergo amputation due to disease or injury and to date there are 51,000,000 arthritis cases and 11,300,000 carpel tunnel patients.
– There are over 63.7 million physically challenged individuals in the United States alone.

– Universal – One size fits most
– Color: Black with color highlights. (Variety of colors – we’ll pick one for you!)
– 90-Day Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
– Includes one support