Light Angel Motion Activated Stick Up LED Light


  • Use almost anywhere – indoors & outdoors
  • Pivoting head and 360-degree swivel base
  • 7 bright, efficient LEDs last up to 100,000 hours
  • No wiring needed; Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Easy peel & stick installation

Light up virtually any area in or around your home with bright, energy-efficient lighting that illuminates when it detects motion. Help your family and guests move around more safely, and at the same time provide an added measure of home security.


Talking Watch Radio Controlled by Reizen


  • Announces time, day and date
  • Hourly chime plus beep alarm
  • Easy to see 1.125-in. face sized for women and children
  • Sets itself and accounts for Daylight Savings
  • Brushed metal alloy finish with leather band

Enjoy the convenience of a watch that announces the time and even sets itself, as well as a sleek, stylish design with an easy to see face that’s appropriately sized for women and children.

Easy Read Finger Tip Bingo Cards


  • Easy to see 9/16-inch high bold black numbers
  • Built-in slide down opaque red markers
  • Card measures 8” Wide x 9” High
  • 20 cards
  • Made of durable 5-ply cardboard stock

These shutter Bingo Cards have large easy to read numbers and built-in shutter style red markers that simply slide down to cover numbers that are called, eliminating the need to deal with loose markers.

Reizen Talking Label Identifier


  • Easy-to-use label recorder/reader with only 2-buttons
  • Built-in 4GB memory for approx. 240 hrs recording time
  • Transfer audio files (ex. books and music) from your PC
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Includes 200 reusable labels, dual earbuds and USB cable

Mark everyday items with voice labels for easy identification! The Reizen Talking Label Identifier is an easy-to-use, economically priced pen-style voice label recorder and reader that will help you organize your home and office, simplify your life and live more independently.
Use the label pen to mark food items, vitamin and medicine bottles, household cleaners, files, or other items that may be difficult for the blind and visually impaired to distinguish from one another due to their similar (or identical) shapes.

Alarm Clock Weather Alert Radio


  • Receives 60-plus alerts (incl. Weather, Hazard, Amber Alerts)
  • Wake to local weather, AM/FM radio or Buzz
  • Connect to strobe, vibrator, transmitter (purchase separately)
  • Battery back-up (4 AA batteries not included)

Wake up and instantly know what’s happening outside thanks to up-to-date weather information direct from the National Weather Service and your Midland WR11 All Hazard Weather Alert Radio.

Pocket LED-Lighted 2x-4x Magnifier


  • 2x rectangular lens with 4x round inset lens
  • 4 energy efficient, long life LED’s
  • Uses 4 LR1130 button cell batteries (included)
  • Includes convenient storage pouch
  • Measures 4.70 in. x 2.50 in. x 0.375 in.

All too often, the lenses of pocket magnifiers are simply too small to be of any practical use. The field of view is so limited that you can’t view much of the text or object you’re trying to see.

HearALL 40dB Cell Phone Amplifier


  • Works with most Buetooth cell phones, iPads & iPods
  • Amplifies up to 40dB (100 times louder)
  • T-coil setting for hearing aid users
  • Speakerphone mode for hands-free calls in cars
  • Measures 5.5. in. L x 2.0 in. W x 1.3 in H

Enjoy Loud and Clear Conversations Any Time, Anywhere!

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Graph 4-Sec Folding Cane-Wood Grip-Roller-52-in


  • Sturdy graphite 4-section folding cane
  • 10-in. flat-sided wooden grip with wrist loop
  • Durable roller marshmallow hook tip
  • White reflective tape with six-inch red stripe

Ambutech UltraLite Graphite Canes offer unique composite construction with aluminum ferrules and Fingerguards that protect the elastic cord and ensure a snug joint fit, even after many miles of use. Strong and lightweight, they have greater flexural strength than aluminum canes.

BetterBack Multi-Purpose Seat with Lumbar Support


  • Supportive, ergonomic style orthopedic seat
  • Relieves stress and pressure on the lower back
  • Includes LumbiPad for added lumbar support
  • Measures 19” Wide x 18” Long

No more back pain or strain! The BetterBack Multipurpose Seat with LumbiPad from Jobri allows you to sit more comfortably for longer periods of time at home, in the office or for travel!

A wonderful orthopedic seat designed in a supportive, ergonomic style to relieve stress and pressure on the lower back, it conforms to the structure of your back. It’s adjustable from an upright to a flat position, aiding the proper distribution of body weight along the lower back and buttocks. Included LumbiPad provides additional support to the lumbar region.

CaptionCall – Large Display LCD Captioning Phone


  • Shows captions of caller’s speech on a 7-in. LCD
  • Free in-home set up & no monthly service charges
  • Handset volume to 40dB/Ringer to 95dB
  • Compatible with many T-coil equipped hearing aids
  • Requires phone/internet connections & power supply

Do you or someone you know have trouble hearing on the telephone?
Hearing loss shouldn’t mean losing touch! CaptionCall is a 40dB amplified telephone for people with hearing loss that also displays captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read 7-inch LCD touchscreen.