Designing a Universal Home, a Home for Everyone

Non-excluding Design

As previously mentioned in the previous post that I posted about the elderly, elderly people are not disabled people. And they should not be discriminated from anything. It is true that when a person gets older, he or she can face a few problems, but this issue cannot be generalized. According to, a informative website in the medical field, “The number of people aged 65 and over is estimated to increase by 65% in the next 25 years, with a doubling of the number of people aged >85 years”  (Disability in Older People, 2010). This makes us wonder, will the elderly be able to combat the challenges that they might have in a house that was not built to be universal? It is very vital to consider designing a universal house for all ages. As a person grows older, he or she might get married and have kids, then…

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