Where’s the books?

Kim's Ability Books

Reading Waffles Every Day

 I guess you might be wondering where are the books in Kim’s Ability book(s).  That’s understandable that you might ask because I have one book, “Waffles Every Day” on my website. However, there are more to come.  They already have titles and exist in my mind. I have already named the characters and written the story lines.

You see, in order to be successful you have to picture that dream as if it has already manifested itself.  I already have the funding, the illustrator, the printing and production company.  

So, when I was thinking about what to name my website, with a little help from my friends at Projectline, we called it Kim’s Ability Books…plural.  The characters will have “abilities” instead of dis-abilities and be very successful in their own right.  

And though it takes money to publish or self publish, I am believing that it will happen.  I…

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