Stereotypes of Disabilities and Struggles of The Entertainment Industry


I stated in an earlier blog post that I was immediately drawn to the chapter on Cultural Analysis in the book Critical Media Studies: An Introduction because it dealt with the representations of what society often calls minority groups. I, being disabled am specifically interested in the representations of “disability” in the media. The disabled people are one of the groups that are “excluded” from TV and movies. This means that they are “symbolically annihilated or “written out of history through under representation in the media” (Ott and Mack 139), and when they are represented they are often stereotyped, which is the process of constructing misleading and reductionist representations of a minority… group, often wholly defining members of the group by a small number of characteristics” (140). Also, as mentioned in a previous blog disabled people are frequently portrayed by able bodied actors and actresses ( and Henderson 2009).  Disabled…

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