Computers have built in accessibility? Who knew?

Jae Wonders

Some of you may be wondering why Jae seems to use “differences” for the more common “disabilities”. Good observation! I have several family members and friends who fit this extensive category and many have expressed the concern that disabled, or handicapped, focuses on what they can’t do, where they are much more concerned about “Can I?” and “How?” Most of us desire to do what we can, take command of our space, and achieve as independently as possible. This includes those with differences, whether physical or educational.
This week I have been looking at some of the accessibility features that are available on the “Big Three” Operating Systems that most individual users are familiar with – Android, Apple and Microsoft. These companies have developed large collections of features that encompass the needs of those with visual, auditory, movement/coordination and learning disabilities or differences. A quick glance through their websites will…

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