Love Without Eyes Chapter Two

Joseyphina's World


Ted heard a knock on his door.
“Good morning, Ted. How are you feeling today?” the nurse asked.
“I’m better but I’d really appreciate it if I could have my sight back, you know.”
“I know and it will come back. You have a visitor, Ted.”
“What? Who did you call?”
“Me? You gave me no number, remember? She found you all by herself.”
“She, who’s she?”
“It is me, Ted,” Anita announced, entering the room.
“I’ll leave you two. Let me know if you need anything.”
“Yeah, I need you to send whoever this is away from here,” Ted said. She looked at Anita, puzzled.
“Ted please, let’s talk.” The two ladies exchanged a glance and the nurse left. Anita pulled a chair and sat next to the bed. She took his hand into hers. He took his hand away.
“How did you find me?”
“After you left my…

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