Independence for the Visually Impaired

Clayton Weigel


I met John DiMarco in the Wine Loft restaurant in Naples.  I wasn’t sure whether he would have someone there to help him get to our meeting.  I was surprised to find him sitting at a table by himself with a drink, eagerly awaiting my arrival.  He’s blind.  If I hadn’t known better, I wouldn’t have known that he was different than anyone else.

John DiMarco is a teacher of modern technology.  But he doesn’t teach just anybody: He only teaches those who are visually impaired.  We take the simplest abilities for granted, including going to the store and buying groceries, reading the newspaper, or ordering an appetizer.  These are tasks that are made near impossible when people lose their vision.  DiMarco has made it his mission to bring independence to those who no longer have their sight.

“Blind people are not different than anybody else,” said DiMarco.  “With technology…

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