‘Blind Games’ – How accessibility is forging a new kind of game.

Audio VR Research

The Papa Sangre Interface | Image Source: www.slidetoplay.com
The Papa Sangre Interface | Image Source: http://www.slidetoplay.com

Binaural gameplay using audio feedback. 

This new way of gaming was first brought to my attention by a talk in September 2011 at the VSM Festival in London. In it a man from Somethin’ Else explained their new audio games engine (known as the Papa Engine) that utilised binaural sound to help a players imagination be the graphics. The first game, called Papa Sangre, used a very simple interface on an Android or  iOS device to control left/right footsteps and the rotation of player. The user can use the 3D surround sound effect (providing they are wearing headphones) to navigate their way through a series of tasks using various audio indicators that the player learns along the way. During their development one of their testers became so immersed that she screamed at the top of her lungs when she was…

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