Blindness Awareness Month Fact of the Day (October 9)

Pawsitively Blind

Guide dogs are BRILLIANT and very amazing animals that can greatly enhance an individual with a visual impairment’s sense of confidence, independence, freedom, and lifestyle. They CAN memorize a route to a specific place, even many places. They can be trained to recognize certain objects such as trash cans, buses, your apartment, your classrooms, etc. They CANNOT however just tell the dog to take you to a place you haven’t worked on with the dog or been many times and expect them to know how to get there, nor can you expect the guide dog to read traffic signals, stop at stop signs, etc. You have to know where the stop signs are, listen to the traffic, train the dog to go to that certain location, etc. Guide dogs are brilliant but a guide dog/handler partnership is just that a PARTNERSHIP and it takes both of the dog and the…

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