Deaf Fashion Designer Justin LeBlanc on TV Show Project Runway

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A recent article in PolicyMic profiled Justin LeBlanc, a deaf designer who was a contestant on Project Runway. The article says in part:

Justin LeBlanc is not your average Project Runway contestant: he’s the first deaf designer to star in the reality competition. Before you rack your brain to consider the disadvantages of his position, you should know that LeBlanc does not view his deafness as a burden. Instead, he sees it as an opportunity.

As a designer, LeBlanc has taken that opportunity and run with it. Now in its 12th season, Project Runway has introduced millions of viewers to LeBlanc’s streamlined, architectural designs. The Raleigh, N.C., native kicked off the season with a stunning hot pink cocktail dress made from parachute material, and he’s only sharpened his aesthetic over the course of the season. In the most recent episode’s super-fan competition, he was selected as one of the top…

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