CODAs: How many? Who are they? Are they ‘Deaf’?

CODA: Children of Deaf Adults

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There is an estimated 50,000 CODAs per 2 million Deaf people per generation. CODA stands for Children of Deaf Adults. For a CODA to be born to two Deaf parents, it would take three generations: two hearing parents to have a Deaf child, that Deaf child to grow up and meet another Deaf person, and finally the two Deaf people having a hearing CODA. My mother, for example, was born of two Deaf parents. Her father was born Deaf and had Deaf siblings and parents. Her mother was born hearing and became Deaf at an early age and had hearing siblings and parents. My grandmother would be the second generation in that process but that is not how it always happens though! There can be many complications just as in any family tree. For example, Deaf parents can have Deaf children, and then those children could have hearing CODAs (or…

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