Daily Life: Handicap Accessibility

Petite Panda

Handicap accessibility is part of everyday life in the US so we hardly bat an eye at commonplace conveniences like specialized parking spots or handrails.  China isn’t quite about the equal opportunity though.  On subway trains there is a handicap railing, but I’m not even sure if an elevator goes down to the platform.  Ramps from the the street to the sidewalk are hardly a foot wide, allowing people to wheel their bicycles/mopeds to safety but not grandma. I’m actually surprised by the fact that even though I live next to a hospital, I have only seen about 3 people in wheel chairs in the five weeks I’ve been here.  Yesterday I saw someone pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair in the lane often used by mopeds or bicycles, cars and buses whipping past them.  In the street.  You should not be navigating in crazy Chinese traffic.

It honestly…

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