Q & A: Adapting Sewing Machines

Needle Arts with Vision Loss

Question: What type of sewing machine is the easiest or best for a Visually Impaired or Blind person to use?

What to Look for in a Sewing Machine

Consider what you will be making and doing with the sewing machine before purchasing a machine for the first time or making a change in the one you may already own. A visually impaired person can use a standard home sewing machine.

It is best and easiest if the machine has manual dials only, without being computerized or without an electronic LED screen panel mixed with dials.

A stitch pattern dial, a stitch length dial and a stitch width dial and needle position knob are very helpful for multiple options. Some machines have dials only for select stitch patterns and stitch length, so be sure the machine will be doing what you would like it to do. Dials are easier to markā€¦

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