I am one lucky Blind Chick- fate, luck, or God?



Booting up the computer this morning, I had a harsh dose of reality.  I am now 9 days post-op from having Trabeculectomy surgery on my remaining good eye for severe Glaucoma, which has left me with 1% remaining vision.  I am in an uncomfortable amount of pain, probably a 6-7 out of a 10 if you were to ‘rate’ it.  But man, am I damn lucky.  


I never really believed in ‘fate’ or ‘divine intervention’ having come from a very scientific background as a former Pharmacy Major at the University of Connecticut.  I’ve been programmed to think analytically and objectively, with facts and statistics as my guide.  But it’s hard to argue against some sort of divine presence or guidance when your life has taken such dramatic turns of good fortune despite overwhelmingly terrible odds.  


I am a huge proponent of being one’s own best advocate-…

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