Charlie Swinbourne: Hearing impaired? Hard of hearing? It’s hard to find the right term to ‘deafine’ yourself. I should know

The Limping Chicken

Mark Levin’s article on this site last week about eradicating the term ‘hearing impaired’ clearly struck a chord – it was viewed over 10,000 times within 24 hours and became this site’s 7th most viewed article ever (and it’s still rising).

Levin argued that “the term ‘impaired’ implies something is wrong and needs to be fixed.” His article ended by asking, when hearing people struggle to communicate with deaf people, who the ‘impaired’ people really are?

The article got dozens of comments, with many being supportive of Levin’s argument, while some, predictably, asked what the problem was – because they thought ‘impairment’ was about right. If Levin’s article drew on the cultural model of deafness and disability, you could argue that those comments came from the opposite angle – the medical model.

What was interesting were several comments that fell in between the two – from deaf people saying…

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