A Trip to the Center of the… Ear Canal

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The ear canal?  Well, yes, it is that place where two things intersect:  earwax and hearing aid (HA) ear buds.

Earwax types are genetically determined – no small wonder.  And earwax (aka cerumen) is made of skin cells and shampoo residue held together by the oily, waxy substance made by the glands in our ear.  Although we spend time getting rid of it, it does help keep our ear canals clean by trapping dirt that gets into the ear canal.  And there are two types:  wet – which is sticky and honey-colored, and dry – which is flaky and grayish yellow.

If you have genotype CC you’ll have wet earwax.
If you have genotype CT you still have wet earwax
If you have genotype TT you have dry earwax

But, wait, we have more!  I got genetic testing and I’m a CC – and my earwax is dry as…

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