Breaking barriers


Hazel Marzetti 

‘The Student Experience’ is a hot topic in 2013.  But what is it?  Is there a single student experience?  And if not, are there any threads which can in any way unify the many diverse experiences?

Working on the Accessible and Inclusive Learning Project at the University of Edinburgh has enabled me to talk to a range of students in different disciplines.  Talking to them about their learner journeys, their experiences and the positive and negative influences along the way, has made me realise that whilst I think that the student experience might look like this…


… actually, every student’s experience will draw on a varied range of components which will change and flex across their learner journey.  One constant component will be the experience of learning and teaching, although these experiences differ depending on the student, the other components of their lives and the courses which they are studying.  It’s all very…

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