Creative Listening Skills

Fish Of Gold

I’m partially deaf in both ears thanks to meningitis nearly killing me as an infant. The hearing in my left ear is about 60-80%, depending on ambient noise, and the tone and pitch of the speaker. Some voices, I just can’t hear no matter what. It’s like they fall in the dog whistle register and I simply cannot hear them. Even in a quiet room with a microphone, I still can’t quite understand everything one of these dog whistle speakers is saying. That sucks.

The right ear is about 10-60%. I can hear 60% in a quiet room, provided the speaker isn’t a dog whistle. The percentage drops dramatically with any sort of background noise. In a busy restaurant where there are a bunch of people talking, silverware clattering and sundry restauranty noises, I can’t hear the person two feet away from me, but I can hear the woman with…

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