October is Meet the Blind month

30day experience Pakistan through our eyes!

October is “meet the blind month.” I wonder if going to PK and meeting DH’s parents would count as an “awareness activity?”

As most readers know (because probably most who view this blog are close friends and family) we are both blind. So, “blind people” and the differences and similarities between cultures has always been an interesting topic. OK, I still have to learn Urdu braille. But in my defense, much like the Urdu Language, DH wants me to learn, just is not interested in being the teacher.
DH talks about his experience as a blind man. It is intriguing to hear about random people giving him favors in hopes that he will pray for them… Because a blind man’s prayers are somehow more powerful and their wishes are granted more frequently by Allah. While many men would approach DH, I don’t think his sister has had the same experience…

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