Advice On Where Can Stairlifts Be Installed

Mobility Information UK

When contemplating the purchase of stairlifts for disabled or elderly individuals, it is important to have a representative of the company that you are buying the stairlift from visit you and your home for an evaluation. While it may be tempting to go onto the Internet and purchase one from that venue because it is cheaper, that may not be the most efficient way to go about this, in determining where can stairlifts be installed. The installation is the important piece of the puzzle, because the apparatus will do you no good unless it is installed properly so that it performs like you need it to.

There are many kinds and versions of stairs, just as there many different variations of stairlifts. Most generally, stairs are at least 32 inches wide, and most starlifts will fit well, and operate properly on stairs of that width. Even if the stairwell is…

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