Obscure Sports Stars: Derrick Coleman

Exquisite Sports Talk

Every so often Exquisite Sports Talk will tell you about an Obscure Sports Star. Whether wildly unknown due to the sport involved, or someone coming out of nowhere in sport that is already “mainstream”, Exquisite Sports Talk has you covered.

The fullback position isn’t one highly focused on in today’s NFL, as most of the sets are one back and involve a lot of passing. There are a couple of notable names still…Vonta Leach and Villanova grad Darrel Young come to mind, but generally the position is not the same as in the days of Mike Alstott. (Yes he was widely overrated but he was certainly well-known.)

Most teams still have one in use however, and none is more interesting right now than the Seattle Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman. Undrafted out of UCLA, last year Coleman managed to get signed by the Minnesota Vikings. After being cut, he managed to get…

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