Court finds it discriminatory to fire blind people from Air Traffic Control Job

Albany Post

by: Jeff Crawford.

Today, the court have decided it is discriminatory to ban blind people to find employment as Air Traffic Controllers. With the new law soon to be enacted, Airports
will be required to hire what is referred to as a Seeing Eye Partner, or SEP, to tell them whats going on.

“Its simple really,” tells Mitch Gargle explains, “We will hire a SEP, whose main objective is to report what is happening the handicapped Air Traffic Controller. Then the employee dictates what actions SEP should then perform. The SEP are fully trained. They could literally, and legally, perform the job themselves, though its forbidden.”

Some question if this is even worth the hassle.

“Soon, we will go Bankrupt,” Sandy Harold, Owner of Belta AirWays explains. She goes on to detail how the implementing of the new law will increase employment, and not in a good way. “Its math…

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