It’s A Jungle Out There: Navigating Summer Sidewalks with Vision Loss

Second Opinions

Doug AnzvolarBy Doug Anzlovar
Guest Blogger

Doug Anzlovar is Dean of Educational Programs and Instruction at The Hadley School for the Blind in Winnetka, IL.

From rural communities to bustling cities, pedestrians who are visually impaired or blind often contend with a variety of obstacles as they move through their environment.  Good weather tends to not only bring out the flowers and birds but also shrubbery that over extends onto sidewalks, tree branches that hang down overhead, sprinklers watering everything but the grass, sidewalk cafés that take up more than half of the sidewalk, low placed signage on poles and, my personal favorite, bicycles and skateboards screaming down the sidewalk.  Sometimes it seems that the pedestrian walkway is no longer meant for pedestrians.

I’ve joked with friends when I’ve run into one or more of these obstacles that I am all set to make a midnight run to do some tree trimming around…

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