Geemarc t-Loop Amplified Neckloop – 30dB for the Hearing Impaired

The Geemarc t-Loop Amplified Neckloop features an adjustable volume control for up to a 30dB gain and uses an induction loop system to reduce or eliminate background noise, allowing hearing aid wearers to enjoy louder, clearer telephone conversations.

The neckloop takes the sound coming from the telephone/audio device and converts it to an acoustic field compatible with hearing aids set to the T position, cutting out the interference and feedback often experienced by hearing aid users. It is designed to be used with corded, cordless and cell phones together with a hearing aid equipped with a t-coil. It can also be used as an amplified audio neckloop for a variety of audio devices including cd-rom and tape players, iPods and other MP3 players using the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter provided.

Buy now:—30dB-for-the-Hearing-Impaired.html


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