EZ Automatic Bottle Opener

EZ Automatic Bottle Opener

•Easily open soda, juice, salad dressing & more
•Can also be used to re-tighten bottle caps
•Includes 3 adapters to fit various size bottle caps
•Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
•Measures 5.50 in. x 2.50 in. x 1.75 in.
Opening bottles of soda, juice, energy drinks and salad dressing has never been easier!

Factory sealed bottles can be difficult to open, often requiring a good deal of strength and leverage to grasp and twist off. The EZ Automatic Bottle Opener opens and breaks the seals for virtually any bottle (up to approx. 2 in. diameter bottle caps.)

In addition to drinks and dressing, it works on smaller caps such as liquid condiments (ex. Tabasco, Soy and Worcestershire Sauce, etc.) No kitchen should be without the EZ Automatic Bottle Opener, and it will be especially appreciated by those with arthritis, Parkinson’s or limited hand strength/dexterity.

Comes with an assortment of 3 adapters to fit various size bottle caps. Requires 2 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries (not included).

How it Works:
1. Select the appropriate size adapter
2. Set the switch to ‘Open’ (to open the bottle) or ‘Close’ (to reseal the cap)
3. Place firmly over the bottle cap
4. Press button to start

Buy now: http://www.maxiaids.com/products/12335/EZ-Automatic-Bottle-Opener.html


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