Educating the Sightees

seeing eye dog
Willow May and I are both ex-sighted. That is to say, we’re both blind. Of all disabilities to have, being blind is the worse.
There are more people, even the educated, who don’t have a clue what to do around the blind.
I speak from experience when I say, trained professionals whose job it is to help get their clients readjusted to their new circumstances; freak out as to what to do with us.
I need to qualified that statement above. There are those disable who are also dysfunctional. Willow May and I seem to be the exceptions.
I can clean my house, wash my clothes, and cook my meals. I’m actually a good cook, especially with Mexican cuisine. What I can’t do is see.
I can’t see when someone points the way, I can’t publish my manuscripts, or create a cover image. I can’t drive, so I rely on…

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