Biker beats blindness

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BikerOne of my sons is a seasoned biker – in fact, he is attending a rally as we speak.

One of these days, he hopes to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats when fellow bikers are trying to beat the clock.

He would have loved being here this last week.

Dan Parker was blinded as the result of a car crash some 17 months ago.  He came to the flats with a motorcycle, a team, a special helmet, and determination.

His crew raced along side him in a pickup truck feeding info into his helmet, guiding him between the cones spread in a straight line across the flats.

After a couple of glitches and false starts, Dan Parker pounded the Salt Flats into the ground with a top speed of 55.331 miles per hour.


(Photo by Scott Sommerdor, AP)  FULL ARTICLE AND PHOTO GALLERY

This article dedicated…

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